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20 Coolibah Rd
Salisbury East SA 5109
mobile 0421 352 484
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I like to increase my skills and gain the respect of my peers. Knowing that my knowledge and savvy in the IT field is well regarded is a driving force for my continued pursuit of new information.
I like to work on complex problems and I’d like to see my career steer towards network or system management / deployment.

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I’m able to work hard without supervision to create quality work and manage my time to maximise results. I like to be a contributing member of any team I’m put in to. I’m able to search for my own answers, or if unable to do so I’m not embarrassed to ask questions or for help. I have worked in task and goal orientated situations. I have a interest in desktop publishing and web design. Since 1995 I’ve been creating web pages and I’ve maintained a number of sites over the years. I’m a Mac advocate and I’m fluent in dos and Win3.1/95/NT. I also have a keen interest in Unix whether it be Solaris, Linux or Mac OS X.

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David Thornhill
Technical Support Engineer
HP in Optus
ph : 08 8468 9210
e-mail :

Ian Hargreaves
Service Delivery Manager SA,NT,WA
HP in Optus
ph : 08 8468 5193
e-mail :

Susan Booth
Finance administrator for Flinders Uni Clubs & Societies
ph : 08 8201 2276
e-mail :

Career highlightsReturn to Top

2002 - Receiving the ‘Customer Satisfaction Award’ from the HP Compaq Services group for July and September.

2001 - Receiving the ‘Award for Service Excellence 2001’ award from Compaq Global services. Receiving the ‘Customer Satisfaction Award’ from the Compaq Services group for October & November.

2000 - Member of the team which successfully rolled out server based desk sharing to over 500 users over a period of 3 days.

1999 - Receiving a ‘Professional Performance Award’ from Fujitsu for my role in setting up the Adelaide Call Centre.

1997 - While at Camtech for a period of 9 weeks I ran the service centre while the Service manager was on long service leave. After that time I assumed some of the management role. (invoicing, some of the dealings with Apple, and various internal paper juggling which the Service Manager didn’t have time to do.)

Projects Involved InReturn to Top

2002 - Remote boot backup and re-image project.
Myself and anohter tech developed a boot floppy which booted almost all the desktops and laptops used inside Optus in South Australia. The boot floppy would then start a menu. I wrote the menu system which prompted the tech for a asset number. Then the tech could back-up the hard disk using ghost. They could re-image the hard disk, selecting an image from a list. I also wrote the documentation for this system.

2002 - Streaming media project.
I helped re-design install procedure for Flash 5, Quicktime 4 and Realplayer for the “streaming media” project. Procedure changes saved 30-40 minutes per install. I was also part of the team which installed this software on approx 500 machines over a 10 day period.

Work History SummaryReturn to Top

2002 - Compaq. Continued in my role in the IT Desktop Support department. The shifts were scaled back and SA no longer provided extra support to the other sites in NSW or Vic. However Optus's offices in Darwin and Perth have increased.

2001 - Compaq. Continued in my role in the IT Desktop Support department. Towards the end of 2000 this role expanded to include the remote support of Darwin and Perth adding about another 100 users to the number of supported people. It now also includes providing extra support to other IT desktop support techs in the Gordon Call Centre and Melbourne Optus office during the evening and graveyard shifts.

2000 - Compaq. Service Engineer providing support for Optus staff. Fujitsu lost the support contract with Optus and most of the IT staff were given the first option to apply for our positions. The role expanded to include the new Optus North Tce Call Centre with another 500 users. Also now included, is the Optus office in Perth.

1999 - Fujitsu. A new position as a support analyst in the out sourcing department. I worked in the group providing hardware and software support for Optus. Duties of support were mainly at the Adelaide Call Centre at Tech Park with over 600 users. Also included is the Adelaide Optus office in South Tce with over 60-80 users.

1998 - Camtech (SA) Pty. Ltd. Contract renewed, duties expanded to Australia's Adobe UNIX support person and Adobe Frame maker support person. Camtech was Adobe’s sole distributor of Unix products after merging with Communica. Platforms covered IRIX, Solaris, Mac OS, Win95/NT and IBMs AIX

1997 - Camtech (SA) Pty. Ltd. Contract renewed, duties expanded to include set-up and administration of the Sun training suite. It contained 11 Sparc 5 computers. As Virtual PC and Soft Windows became popular I handled the technical questions for these products.

1996 - Camtech (SA) Pty. Ltd. Position of Macintosh service technician in the Repairs & Maintenance department. Main duties included the diagnosis and repair of Macintosh computers and handling of Macintosh technical inquiries. All of the x86 dos cards queries came to me. Duties also included technical support for the staff inside the company.

1995 - Computerland Pty. Ltd. Position of casual sales assistant (1 day a week)
Duties included advising customers on machines and software and maintaining showrooms demo machines.

1995 - Computerland Pty. Ltd. Position of casual service engineer (3 days a week)
Duties included : diagnosis of faults, ordering of parts, writing of reports on service jobs, handling phone inquires, installation and configuration of HDD, CD-ROMs and CPUs. Repair work was split 50-50 between Mac and IBM-compatables. Worked on IBM, Digital and some clone PCs.

1992 - Salisbury Heights Primary School (1 week work experience)
Position of teachers aid in the technology room.
Duties included showing children how to use Atari ST computers and showing children how gearing & gear boxes work.

1991 - Plaza Computers (1 week work experience)
Duties included advising customers about computers, cleaning duties, customer telephone inquiries

Computer SkillsReturn to Top

My computing experience goes back to when I was still at primary school. Items more recent though are working with Mac OS 9, Mac OS X and Windows NT 4. I can install and configure many different OSes. I've installed and configured Redhat 5.2 & 7.1, NetBSD, OpenBSD 3.1, Solaris 2.5.1, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4, Windows ME/98/95/3.1.
I've been working on my web content in the last few years. Currently I'm working with phpnuke, squirrelmail and geeklog to provide dynamic content and web based e-mail similar to hotmail. The web server which hosts some of the web sites I run is a Mac OS X server with MySQL, PHP and Apache running on it. I've been doing web page design on the side for a few years now and feel confident in designing and maintaining a web site.
I can pull apart a PC or Mac, install and configure software and extra hardware without fuss. I'm confident in using computers and I'm always interested in new software and hardware.
I have done programming in Applescript, File Maker Pro scripting, Realbasic and in C. I've done some basic C programming under dos and Mac OS 8.

Education / Training SummaryReturn to Top

2002 - Re-certified Apple Qualifications

  • Configuration Engineer
  • Service Engineer

2002 - Compaq DeskPro and Server hardware certification course.
2002 - SmartForce online training.

  • ATM
    • Principles
  • Unix
    • Overview
    • Exploring the File system
    • Working with Files
  • Windows NT 4.0
    • Getting Started
  • Windows 2000
    • Core Tech - Internet Fund
    • Core Tech - TCP/IP
    • Inst & Adm - Installation

2001 - Re-certified Apple Qualifications

2000 - Re-certified Apple Qualifications

2000 - SmartForce online training.

  • Cisco IOS 11.3
    • Overview 1
    • Overview 2
    • Router config basics
    • Appletalk overview
    • Appletalk Addressing

2000 - 'How to design a world class web site' course sponsored by Flinders Uni Clubs and Societies.

1998 - Re-certified Apple Qualifications

1998 - Completed C++ Programming course at the Regency TAFE. (TAFE Results)
1998 - Completed Sun Computer - Solaris 2.x Admin course.
1998 - Completed Sun Computer - Solaris 2.x Admin Essentials course.

1996 - Completed Parts Over Night laser printer service course.
1996 - Completed Apple Computer Level 1 Service Engineer course.
1996 - Completed Apple Service Administration course.
1996 - Continued to study Associate Diploma in Engineering on part-time basis.

1995 - Completed Apple Macintosh Service Courses

  • Powerbook 100 Series
  • Powerbook 200 Series
  • Powerbook 520-540
  • Colour Style Writer Pro

1995 - Continued to study Associate Diploma in Engineering on part-time basis.

1994 - Started Associate Diploma in Engineering (Computer Systems) at the
Modbury TAFE campus. (TAFE Results)

1993 - Completed SACE (South Australian Certificate of Education)
1993 - Studied year 12 at Salisbury East High School.

1992 - Studied year 11 at Salisbury East High School.

Achievement SummaryReturn to Top

2002 - Received the ‘Customer Satisfaction Award’ from the HP Compaq Services group for September.
2002 - Received the ‘Customer Satisfaction Award’ from the HP Compaq Services group for July.
2002 - Entered uDevGame game programming competition.I was placed 37 out of 41. The entry was called Space Colony 2002 and was written in RealBasic. It was a 3 month programming contest and I just wasn’t able to finish the game in that time which resulted in poor scores.

2001 - Receiving the ‘Award for Service Excellence 2001’ award from Compaq Global services.
2001 - Receiving the ‘Customer Satisfaction Award’ from the Compaq Services group for October.
2001 - Receiving the ‘Customer Satisfaction Award’ from the Compaq Services group for November.

1999 - Fujitsu ‘Professional Performance Award

1994 - First Aid Certificate

1993 - Westpac Maths Competition

1992 - Westpac Maths Competition

1991 - Westpac Maths Competition
1991 - Esso Science Competition

TAFE ResultsReturn to Top

Certificate IV in Information Technology

3GL Program Design - Pass
Programming Concepts 1 - Credit
Programming Concepts 2 - Distinction
Programming Techniques 1 - Distinction
Programming Techniques 2 - Credit

Associate Diploma in Engineering Computer Systems - Completed subjects

AC Principles - Pass
Advanced Test Equipment - Pass
Computer Fundamentals - Pass
DC Principles - Pass
Digital Fundamentals - Pass
Electrical Fundamentals - Pass
Electronic Soldering Techniques - Pass
Engineering Mathematics B - Pass
Engineering Organizations - Pass
Microprocessor Fundamentals - Pass
Multi-User Operating Systems - Pass
Occupational Health & Safety for Supervisors - Pass
PC System Support - Pass
Presenting Information - Pass
Presenting Reports - Pass
Self Management - Pass
Test Equipment - Pass
Workshop Practices - Pass

please note : The pass mark for all tests and reports is 80%